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media monitoring solution

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•  Create alerts on the keywords of your choice to monitor what is being said about your brand, your competitors, your industry.

•  Monitor all types o sources : blogs, news, forums, social networks, images, videos.

•  Stay informed with e-mail alerts (real time, daily, weekly).

•  Sign up for your alerts via RSS feeds.


•  Filter results by date, source, sentiment, influence, engagement.

•  Delete non relevant results.

•  Analyze sentiment and track your reputation over time.

•  Add tags to classify results.

•  Annotate results with comments.


•  Get advanced analytics for your social accounts (Facebook pages, Twitter accounts).

•  Identify your influencers, ambassadors, detractors.

•  Interact on social networks from your Alerti account.

•  Measure the performance of your posts.

•  Identify your most engaging content.

•  Track the Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of your competitors.

Team work

•  Share your alerts with your collaborators.

•  Assign tasks to your colleagues.

•  Add notes to your tasks.

•  Follow the progress made.

•  Manage your contacts and control their access rights.


•  Make sense of data and detect main trends with effective dashboards.

•  Create custom graphs : compare the data of your choice to generate reports on your brand, your competitors, your campaigns …

•  Easily export any type of data (alerts results, graphs, Twitter, Facebook insights)

•  Easily automate daily, weekly, monthly reports.

•  Export format : pdf, csv, rtf, png


•  Follow the conversations wherever you are.

•  Collect results on your iPhone.

•  Tag and annotate results.

•  Edit the settings of your alerts.

•  All is synchronized with your account.