Alerti - For who ?

Alerti - For who?

Marketing and sales professionals, customer service representatives, press attachés, financiers, purchasing managers, legal managers… in fact ALERTI is useful for just about any profession.

It is essential to obtain information about your image, your brand image or that of the competition in order to improve your service and optimize customer relations. ALERTI provides you with simple, effective tools in a single interface for the real-time collection and management of the relevant information that you need.


  • Real-time monitoring of what your customers, prospects, bloggers and journalists are saying about your products, your brands and your company.
  • Gauge the impact of your campaigns. Who is talking about you? What kind of buzz did your campaign generate?
  • Identify the influencers in order get in contact with them.
  • Identify the blogs to be included in your media plan.
  • Stay up to date on everything that goes on in your industry, trends, new product launches…
  • Keep an eye on the competition, find out who is talking about them and what consumers think about them.

Sales Representatives

  • Stay up to date on your prospective customers in order to understand their business and determine how your solution can be of assistance to them.
  • Stay up to date on your customers so you won’t miss any new opportunities.
  • Keep tabs on market trends in the industries that your customers and prospects are involved with.
  • Track your customers’ staff in order to stay informed about any changes of position.
  • Create alerts based on the type of need that your solution addresses in order to identify new prospects and distribution channels.

Community management

  • Real-time monitoring of what your customers, prospects, bloggers and journalists are saying on the web about your products, your brands and your company
  • Identify the ambassadors or your brand
  • Identify the influencers who talk about your brand, your company
  • Identify negative reviews to anticipate potential crisis
  • Keep tabs on market trends in the industries that your customers and prospects are involved with.
  • Analyse the information collected and distribute it internally to help make the right decisions and take the various feedback into account for your future products developments

After sales service

  • Monitor what customers are saying about your products and company; respond and interact in order to foster customer loyalty.
  • Observe how customers perceive the quality of your customer service and identify areas for improvement.
  • Listen and participate in online conversations, thus contributing to the development of your products by taking comments and suggestions from users into account.


  • Find out what the customers of your potential suppliers are saying in order to better evaluate the quality of their products.
  • Compare your potential partners’ quality of service based on community assessments.
  • Monitor news in the industries that are of interest to you in order to stay up to date on the latest trends.
  • Search for the products or services you are interested in so that you can make informed decisions about which brands to work with.


  • Monitor what is being said about your company’s stock.
  • Monitor the buzz about one of your recent investments.
  • Keep an eye on what people are saying about the companies you have invested in.
  • Monitor news on the markets that you are interested in and find new sources of information.
  • Identify investment opportunities in new companies.

Chargé de veille

  • Monitor your competitors, their image and how it is perceived by internet users, as well as their products and campaigns…
  • Monitor current events in your industry to keep tabs on the latest trends, newcomers and companies that are gaining market share, etc.
  • Analyze consumer reactions to a new product launch or event.
  • Easily obtain the latest information you need to establish your monitoring reports and internal newsletters: news about competitors, product offers, R&D, technological progress, regulations…

Human Ressources

  • Check out a candidate prior to recruitment.
  • Monitor your company’s image from an employer’s point of view: ex-employees, ex-candidates who interviewed and future candidates.
  • Get all the latest recruitment news.
  • Hunt for potential future employees according to their skills.